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DES Services and You

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DES, or Disability Employment Services, are designed to help people with a disability, injury or health condition - offering them support and assistance in your employment journey.


DES providers consist of both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations, in a variety of sizes, who are experienced in supporting people with a disability, and can additionally provide assistance to employers - ensuring that practices are in place to support employees during their work.

Sign for Work is a not-for-profit Disability Employment Service (DES), designed to help people with an injury, health condition or mental illness to thrive in the workplace. We also specialise in helping deaf and hard of hearing jobseekers - helping people to reach their professional and personal goals.

How Sign for Work Can Help

As a not-for-profit Disability Employment Service, Sign for Work assists jobseekers with getting job-ready - giving you the tools to take the next steps in your professional journey. 


At Sign for Work, our Employment Consultants can help you to build a job plan - helping you to find opportunities that can help you with your own professional development. We will work with you, assisting you in your job search - and supporting you in putting your best foot forward.

We also support you in ensuring your needs are met in the workplace, providing employment support and working to ensure that your needs are being accommodated in the workplace. We can work with you and your employer, offering additional assistance and support, to ensure that you are able to reach your full potential at work.

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