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For your Employment Consultant to assist and support you, we may be required to obtain and/or release your personal information. This information will only be used to help you get or maintain employment and/or education and training. Sign For Work will work closely with other agencies to coordinate the best support for you. Relevant information about you may be shared with other organisations, services or agencies in order that you can receive the best possible service. 

At all times Sign for Work recognises and respects the confidentiality of any personal information relating to our stakeholders

(clients, activity participants, donors, employees and volunteers). We aim to ensure that our stakeholders enjoy:

  • Freedom from intrusion and public attention

  • Being treated with respect

  • Assurance that their personal information is protected from unauthorised access

Sign For Work will comply with relevant privacy legislation and Deaf Children Australia’s Privacy Policy. The Quality Manager will continually monitor, ensure staff awareness of and compliance and address requests for access and/or complaints relating to this Policy.

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