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Our deaf and hard of hearing team can support you.

Sign for Work supports deaf and hard of hearing people to find and stay in work. The deaf and hearing members in the specialist team are fluent in Auslan and English and can meet all your communication needs. 


The Sign for Work team is aware of the barriers you can face with a hearing loss when looking for employment. We work one to one, help you find the job you want and support you to maintain work. 

We can help you build your resume, support you in your job search and interview process. Once you get a job, we will support you for as long as you need it. We often help people move into their next job on their individual career journey.


Whether you are returning to work or it’s your first job, Sign for Work can help! Contact us to discuss your eligibility.

How We Can Help!


- Access to Employment Consultants who are fluent in Auslan

- Advice and support on working towards life and career goals

- Identify suitable employment and/or training options

- Support with gaining certificates and licences e.g. White Card etc.

- Develop an effective resume and cover letters

- Access to our job search facilities

- Assist with job applications and improve your interview skills

- Funding for interview and work clothing

- Access to appointments using your preferred communication method

- Connect you to employers for jobs, work experience or volunteering

- Access funding for Workplace Modifications to help you at work

- Continued support for the duration of your needs while employed

- Mentoring Support in the workplace

- Assistance to access Employment Assistance Fund (EAF)

- For more info, refer to the Sign For Work Handbook below.

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