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Eligible School Leaver

Make a start with Sign For Work!

Sign for Work can help you get your first job after finishing school.

Our aim is to prepare you for the world of work and help you achieve

a sustainable job. How do we help you?


- We guide you in working toward your career goals


- Assist you to access work experience to help build your skills and expose you to different workplaces


- We can set up a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship


- Mentoring support to keep you motivated


- Ongoing support to help you make that job a real success!


- If you prefer sign language, we have Employment Consultants who are fluent in Auslan. We can also support other communication needs.


If you are in your final year of school, Sign For Work can assist you, your parents, carers, your school and other support providers to get you where you need to be. Come and chat with us about your eligibility.

Disability Employment Service

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