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Workplace Modifications

Sign for Work can help you to access changes in the workplace that will allow you to do your job better. These include making adjustments to your physical work area and arranging extra equipment or services.


Some examples are:

· A desk that can be adjusted for height (if you use a wheelchair)

· Adjustable standing desk risers and office chairs if you have back issues

· Modifications to work vehicles

· Building modifications to allow access in the workplace e.g. bathrooms if you 

  have a mobility issue, wider doorways and ramps

· Increasing lighting if you have vision impairment

· Work-related assistive technologies e.g. screen enlargement applications,       

  screen-reading software, voice recognition software

· Lifting equipment if you are unable to lift heavy objects


This service is available to eligible people with disability who are preparing for work, about to start a job, are self-employed or who are currently working. Please note some funding caps apply to particular items.

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