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Rights and


You have the Right to:


· Receive competent and professional services from Sign for Work

· Be treated fairly, ethically and with dignity

· Have your religious and cultural beliefs acknowledged

· Receive services in a safe, supportive and professional environment

· Sign consent before any personal information can be obtained/released to any third party

· Have your personal information stored securely

· Access your personal records

· Make a complaint and have this processed under Sign for Work’s Complaints Policies and Procedures, including the right to confidentiality and to have a support person present


· Conduct yourself as you would in a workplace environment

· Treat Sign for Work staff in a respectful and fair manner at all times

· Adhere to Occupational Health and Safety procedures

· Ensure there is no danger to you, others or the public

· Not attend appointments or activities, including work, under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol

· Not discriminate against others in any way

· Not act in a violent, threatening or abusive manner


Appointments and Mutual Obligation

· Attend all appointments, training, interviews and employment as negotiated  and arranged. If you are unable to attend an 

  appointment, please contact Sign for Work to reschedule before the appointment time

· Maintain contact with Sign for Work on a regular basis as agreed in your Job Plan and with your Employment Consultant

· Inform Sign for Work of changes to your personal circumstances such as your personal contact details, medical details, additional 

  support needs, or other details related to your Job Plan

· Ensure you comply with your Mutual Obligation requirements with Centrelink.  

Your Employment Consultant will help you to understand your requirements.  

Your active participation in this will enable you to avoid payment suspension, financial penalties or cancellation of payment.

Paid Work

· Provide Sign for Work with your employment details including the name of your employer, hours/days of work, pay rate, and evidence of employment   e.g.  copies of pay slips

· Declare your income and hours of work to Centrelink. Your Employment Consultant can provide training on how you can do this Study and Training

· Provide your Employment Consultant with details about any course or training you are enrolled in as this may affect your Mutual Obligation requirements

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