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International Day of People with Disability

Today is International Day of People with Disability!

The focus of 2021 is ‘Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities toward an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post-COVID-19 world’.

Today is the perfect day to take a moment and look around you - in schools, the workplace and in the wider community - and really look at how we can all break down barriers; how we can challenge the way we think about disability and help grow a more inclusive Australia!

As a Disability Employment Service, Sign for Work is constantly working toward creating opportunity and challenging misconceptions around disability, and during this year, we've been privileged to be a part of the stories of many amazing clients.

“With Sign for Work's help, I felt the world open up to me,” Alex said. “Josh was amazing, and every time I needed his help – his line was always there. I felt like I had someone I could turn to.”

We've supported a myriad of wonderful clients, assisting them with everything from applying for their first job at Coles to starting small businesses - and being able to watch people with disability thrive has truly been an honour this year. It has been amazing to be able to support so many amazing people on their journeys!
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We're so proud of all of the amazing clients we've had the honour of working with this year. Being able to work with so many amazing people and watching them succeed, even through the pandemic, has truly been heart-warming. The amazing feedback we've received has truly been wonderful. 

“When someone gets a job, you’re not only helping them get a job – you’re changing their life."
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