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Deaf Awareness Training 

Deaf Awareness Training allows staff to gain an understanding of the deaf and hard of hearing world. This will educate the team on how to work positively and collaboratively together. 

We also offer Auslan in the workplace so new employees and their co-workers

can communicate effectively.

The training is available to your workplace, and it can be delivered free of charge if approved through JobAccess for a Deaf employee. Sign For Work also provides this training free of charge in the workplaces of our Sign For Work clients. Disability Employment Service

Our DAT Program

Deaf Awareness Training Topics covered (1st  and 2nd session):

·  Understanding Hearing Loss

·  Explanation and exploration of hearing loss diagnosis

   including developmental stages for Deaf and hard of hearing children, youth

   and adults.

·  Facts of Deafness and Hearing Loss

·  Hearing assisted technology

·  Barriers Deaf/Hard of Hearing people face on a daily basis

·  How to create an accessible workplace for people who are Deaf/hard of Hearing

·  Communication tips, techniques

·  Captioning services and how captioning works

·  Q & A, worksheets and activities included


Specific workplace basic Auslan Training topics covered (3rd session):

· Review previous session

· Lip-reading exercises, how to make lip-reading easier for a Deaf/HoH person

· Facial Expression – role plays

· Fingerspelling

· Numbers

· Basic language signs –who, when, what, how, why, including appropriate syntax

· Specific workplace signs to your business


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