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Client stories

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This is a story about one of our clients, an older man, living in a boarding house in South East Melbourne. He works as a cleaner for a major company. 
His main barrier to work is a speech disorder which makes communication difficult. He also has other health issues, and he then had a mild to moderate stroke, which meant he had to spend approximately six weeks in hospital and rehabilitation. 
The Sign for Work (SFW) team was instrumental in taking charge of all that needed to be managed to support the client. They maintained contact with his employer, informed them of what had occurred and what needed to happen, to keep the position open. Given our client's age and experience, it would have been difficult for him to find another job.
A key focus for the SFW team was ensuring correct employee protocols were followed regarding forms and liaising with a host of managers within the company. This support was greatly appreciated by our client, who had no family or friends to offer any support.
The team also helped the client with Centrelink, attending medical appointments, and following up on his rehabilitation when he was ok to return to work. We kept our client in work and continue to be there for him should he need our advice or support. We have experienced time and again how this kind of assurance has a positive impact on a person's wellbeing.

There are so many ways the Sign for Work team can help you find a job and keep a job. Learn more at 'Services' on our website.

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